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Invasion – Breakthrough and Predominance (About Leader)
Based upon excellent technical expertise as well as constant breakthroughs and innovation as business indicators, Leader Hydraulics  since its inception in 1999, it experiences decades of hard working and long-term commitment to R & D capabilities to enhance its advantage. Not only has a forward-looking corporate vision, but also lay on “professional” and “complete” leading competitiveness and leading enterprise constitution.
Commitment to product development and improvement, Leader mainly manufactures piston pump, various hydraulic valves, and hydraulic parts. In the end of 2001, facing company rapid growth and growing scale, Leader expands new factory with 1,600 square meters in Dali District, Taichung City for a larger scale of production line to solid

leadercorporate performance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and reliability. We will be there when you need us.


Model CF This model is a low-price Cam Follow having a driver groove or hexagon socket in the stud head. The all-stainless steel type (symbol M) is optimal for clean room applications since it does not develop rust from external atmosphere and generates little dust.  
Model CFT Basically the same as the popular type Cam Follower, this model is provided with tapped holes for piping on the stud head and the thread. It is optimal for locations where an integrated piping system for greasing is required.
Model CFH This model can be installed in the same mounting hole as that of the popular type Cam Follower. Since the mounting shaft of the stud and the stud head are eccentric by 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm, the position of this model can easily be adjusted simply by turning the stud. Thus, it is a compact, highly accurate eccentric cam follower with an integral structure.
Model CFN Based on the popular type Cam Follower, this model is incorporated with thrust load balls. It is capable of receiving an axial load generated by a mounting error.
Model CFS The outside diameter of its outer ring is very small relative to the stud diameter, so this cam follower can accommodate highly compact designs.
Model CF-SFU To simplify installation, a flat-head slot has been machined into the stud so that it can be secured with a screw.This is ideal for units where there is no space to fasten the stud.


Outstanding ─ Ultimate Benchmark for Innovation and Superiority (Precise Testing)
Fully use the advantages of R & D, non-stop ongoing business process reengineering and product innovation. Leader fully devotes to raise the level of quality. From procurement, production, processing and assembly to finished products, we implement profession and expertise in quality policy for every aspect.
Introduce advanced quality testing equipment, including Coordinate Measurement Machine, projector, Rockwell hardness tester, surface roughness machine, and true roundness machine, enable Leader to greatly enhance quality deeply and broadly, and continue towards the top goal; with rigorous and far-reaching quality strategy and perseverance, leaderpass strict “ISO-9001 2000” international quality certification and adhere to the principle of ” pursuit of excellence, technological innovation,”. With all Leader staff focus on quality beyond the sense of mission, we lead sustainable and sophisticated product quality towards a global benchmark.

Strong Leading – Strong Quality Performance and Efficient Leading (Product Quality)
All staff adhere to the quality policy and to ultimate link on each process. Through decision-making meeting, we plan efficient process and set production indicator to precisely control the quality and delivery. Our products exceed international standards in both quality and performance.

Full range of products includes piston pumps, electro-hydraulic controls, pressure control series, flow control series, directional valves, modular valves, logic valves, and etc. With strong and solid reliability and excellent performance, leaderbrand image has earned a high evaluation from global customers.

Solid Enterprise Base and Unlimited Strength – Utilize Enterprise Base and Unlimited Strength(Applications)
Founded on self-challenge, demanding perfect faith, applications of Leader full range of products continue to multiply. Besides to be high efficiently applied to various automated machinery, we play a more active role to meet different customer needs and look forward to obtain the best satisfaction.

Utilize Profit – Sophisticated and Future Prospect (Corporate Vision)
Accumulated unrivaled comprehensive and significant upgrade in multi-professional background and a complete supply chain, leaderservice satisfaction has always fulfilled. Thru a clear corporate policy and determination, we make our production line fully loaded and drive with a profit and capacity to champion in the international market.

By fully understand the difficult situation of reducing contribution cost in manufacturing process, and making profit from marketing is not as easy as well. The only way is to think from the perspective of brand marketing, planning global layout, and promote annual performance of professional team. A continuous adjustment of enterprise constitution to increase annual business figures and profitability would be future enterprise prospect of leader

We provide OEM/ODM services。